When Blogging is Business, You Need More Than Just Words

For some, blogging is a way of life while for the rest, it is a means of generating some serious income. While the former more or less start their blogs to express their love for writing, the latter is constantly looking for ways that can enhance their sites to make them more income-friendly. And that income-friendliness comes from more traffic.

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WordPress and HTTPS – Why Do We Need It?

Wordpress and HTTPS

The Internet probably isn’t a place for giving out personal information and feeling absolutely safe. Sending out personal information or data without any protection will not give you any guarantee that your data will remain safe from the prying eyes or arrive at its right destination. It’s something like as if you are simply putting your faith in a miracle. That is why it is extremely important to use the Secure HTTPS protocol when it comes transferring any kind of confidential data over the Internet.

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