For some, blogging is a way of life while for the rest, it is a means of generating some serious income. While the former more or less start their blogs to express their love for writing, the latter is constantly looking for ways that can enhance their sites to make them more income-friendly. And that income-friendliness comes from more traffic.

And this is where the buck stops. How to get that extra amount of traffic, rather, how to get the kind of traffic you deserve:

Embrace SEO

SEO blogging still holds the same spot it did 2 years back. No matter what the cynics might say, if your website is appropriately optimized for SEO, it is going to attract visitors. Of course, you don’t have to go full-throttle with SEO and keep it under check. Google identifies the websites which cleverly places the keywords at right places and in the right density. If your content is valuable, does not compromise on quality, and is optimized for search engines, there is nothing that can stop you from receiving a large chunk of organic traffic every day. Of course, you need to update your website regularly by posting new content at least thrice a week.

Embrace SEO

You can recruit some SEO professionals for the endeavor, since people with experience in SEO practices go a long way in driving traffic to your website through their strong SEO acumen. They know how and when a post can be placed in traffic rich channels, and thereby, they help in sending the relevant visitors to your site. However, if you have budget constraints, you can always look for a number of SEO plugins that have certain settings inbuilt to give you a helping hand. Every post you create gives you an option to include meta tags and meta descriptions in it. You can add meta keywords to each post so that the search engines like Google can know what the post is all about, and list your website whenever relevant queries are searched by the users.

Social Media Will Give You Wings

Social media marketing has captured the imagination of marketers all over the blogging globe, and for good reasons. When your patience runs thin and you want to see quick results, social media marketing is the way to go. And it is not just creating a Facebook and Twitter page of your website that is going to help you, but each social media platform has its set of features which can be exploited to channelize heavy and relevant traffic on your site.

Social Media Marketing

StumbleUpon is one such platform where as soon as you hit the stumbleupon button for a post, you get multiple real time visitors to see that post within a matter of 3 seconds. If the post is intriguing enough, they most likely would further StumbleUpon it so that the people in their circle or the peole with same interest also read your post. LinkedIn boasts of multifarious groups containing people of likewise preferences. Share your posts there and witness quality visits to your websites without resorting to complicated marketing techniques.

They Say Guest Posting is Still Alive…… and They are Right

Yes, you have been hearing a lot about how guest posting is making an exit. But the veracity of this claim is still to be established. The only certain thing that can be said is that writing guest post for websites with zero page rank and low quality content from other sources isn’t going to help you. When your website’s link is found on a site that is filled with spam, Google doesn’t take a lot of time to punish you.

Guest Posting

When blogging is way to enhance your business prospects, tuck in the afore-mentioned points so that your blog doesn’t find itself out of its depth.