Arena Produts Store - WordPress Plugin

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Arena Products Store - WordPress Plugin
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Setting up APS plugin


You can install Arena Products Store plugin by using 1 of 2 methods described here

Method 1

You have already downloaded and unzipped copy > paste the folder called on your desktop.

Login to your wp-admin go to Plugins > Add New click on upload (link) in the next screen click on browse button and navigate to your desktop, find and select, now press Install Now button (see image below), wait a few minutes (depend on your connection speed) when you see (successfully installed) text then click on activate link to activate your APS Arena Products - WordPress Plugin, now go to the plugin settings page, change settings as needed or leave as it is to use default settings.
Congratulations You've Activated Your Arena Mobile Specs Plugin Successfully.

Installation Method 1

Method 2

Open unzipped folder aps-products-wp copy > paste the folder called aps-products on your desktop.

Open up your favorite ftp client software fileZilla or any other ftp client software or you can use fireFTP an extenssion for firefox and chrome, login to your web hosting server and upload folder aps-products to /wp-content/plugins/ on your server after finish uploading you have successfully installed your APS Arena Products - WordPress Plugin.

Now go to Plugins find APS Arena Products in the plugins list and click on activate, now go to the plugin settings page, change settings as needed or leave as it is to use default settings.
Congratulations You've Activated Your Arena Mobile Specs Plugin Successfully.

APS Control Panel

Arena Products Store plugin has a number of settings to change the appearance of your products store, which you can control from APS Settings page, you will find 10 sections divided in tabs on settings page below i'll try to explain every aspect of plugin settings, however i have provided a brief description of each settings field below the field.

Don't forget to press Save Changes button to save changes you've made for each section.


You can change the layout and style of your online store by configuring Design Settings, select container width to match with your existing theme width, choose a skin from our pre-built skins or create your own by using color pickers belw to match with your theme's colors, select border or box shadow, select where to display content (left or right), control group icons display settings, also you can apply your custom CSS styles (read customization section below).

Design Settings


Here you can change products main index page, index page main heading, search archive main heading, brands archive main heading etc, more details are available below each settings field.

Main Settings


Here you can Configure permalinks structure for products, comparisons, categories and brands URLs rewrite, more details are available below each settings field.

Permalinks Settings


In this section you can add / edit / delete tabs and contents of tabs, also you can change display order of tabs by drag and drop tabs boxes up down.

Tabs Settings


In Zoom settings section you can manage main (featured) image zoom settings, press save changes button to save the settings.

Zoom Settings


Here you can manage gallery lightbox settings, press save changes button to save the settings or "Reset Default" button to restore default settings.

Gallery Settings


You can manage affiliate stores easily in affiliate settings, click Add Store to add a store, enter store name in name field, enter store's logo url in url field or select a logo image using media uploader.

Affiliate Settings


You can manage all APS Sidebars for all templates used to display output generated by APS plugin in sidebars section.

Sidebars Settings


In this section you can view information about your server softwares, web hosting features and WordPress, you may need to clear all the warnings (if any) to run the APS plugin smoothly without any issue.

System information

APS Store Settings


In General settings you can manage location (country, state) of your store, select currency formating options and date format options etc.

Store General Settings


Here you can change products image sizes for single product, products archives and thumbnails, 1st input field is for width in pixels and 2nd field is for height of image in each row, 3rd checkbox to enable hard cropping of images.

Store Images Settings

APS Brands

APS Brands are designed to organize you products with their manufacturers for better presentation, so your visitors can find products manufactured by their favorite brands, you can add / edit / delete brands by visiting APS Brands management system, enter the name of brand select / upload brand's logo image and press Add Brand button to add a new brand which you can apply to products.

APS Brands

APS Attributes

Attributes are taxonomy terms used to display product's additional data to visitors, you can Add / edit / delete product attributes like regular taxonomies terms by visiting APS Attributes management system, Enter a name and description for attribute, select the type of input field from dropdown, if input type select is selected than add some options by clicking on add option buttion, enter a value for option, press Add Attribute button.

APS Attributes

APS Groups

APS Groups are designed to group product attributes, You can add / remove / edit attributes groups by visiting APS Groups management system, enter a name for group, select an icon for group, add attributes to the group by using dropdown and Add Attribute button, selected attributes will be display above, also you can change display order of attributes by moving them up / down, press Add Group button to add new group or Update Group button to save changes.

APS Groups

APS Rating Bars

APS Rating Bars are designed to display product ratings in a modern style by site owners and reviewers, You can define key aspects of ratings by add / remove / edit rating bars by visiting APS Rating Bars management system, enter a name for Rating Bar, select default value and press Add Rating Bar button to add new rating bar.

APS Rating Bars

APS Filters

APS Filter are designed to provide a tool to your visitors to find products which match their search criteria, so they can easily find products they are looking for, you can add / edit / delete product refine search filters by visiting APS Filters management system, enter a name for filter and press Add Filter button to add new filter, add filter terms by clicking on Add / Edit Filter terms for each filter.

APS Filters

APS Categories

APS Categories are designed to display multiple types of products with different main features, attributes and groups in your store, You can add a category by visiting APS Categories management system, enter a name for category, select display settings of category archive, enter title for main features and select icon to display, add attributes groups by using dropdown and press Add Group button, you can change display order of groups by moving them up / down, below select rating bars for this category by using dropdown and press Add Rating Bar button, also you can change display order of rating bars by moving them up / down.

Now you will see filters below select appropriate filters for this category by checking the checkboxes, Now you can display category banner by uploading and selecting the banner image, press add image button and select the banner image, now press Add Category button to complete this task.

APS Categories


We've included 9 pre-built color schemes (skins) and ability to choose skin colors of your choice by using color pickers in plugin Design Settings tab, however if you are not satisfied with built-in styles and colors you can create your own styles from scratch if you are good to write CSS styles.

If you want to do this then open up custom-styles.css located in "/wp-content/plugins/aps-products/css/pre/" directory, add your own CSS styles in this file and save it, now goto APS Settings > Design > Custom CSS Stylesheet (select box) and select "Yes, Use My Styles" and press Save Changes button to load your styles, please remember this way plugin's styles will not be loaded at all.

Add Contents

Add New Product

To Add new product (post) navigate to APS Products in the dropdown menu click on Add new APS Product in the next screen you need to select a category for your product and click on Continue button, product attributes, rating bars and filters are now manage through categories, so you need to select a category to add product data in appropriate fields.

Add New Product

Now the process is similar as add new post, add product name in the title (input field), add some details about the product in content editor (also you can add images), look in the sidebar you'll see APS Brands metabox select a brand or add new brand if not found in dropdown list, below the brands you will see APS Categories meta box, here you can change category of product, after switching through categories you need to publish or save as draft the product to reload attributes groups, rating bars and filters related to selected category, scroll down a bit you'll see Featured Image metabox, set a featured image (main image of product).

Add Product

Now look at left hand column you'll see APS Product Data metabox, here you'll see product data tabs add general data of your product using input fields (product price, sku, availability, quantity, on sale, sale price, sale start and end date), you can manage currency settings of your store from APS Store > General Settings.


General Data

Click on Features tab to add main features of your product by using input fields enter the value of feature, you can edit feature title and icon by editing the category.

Product Features

Click on gallery tab to add images to product images gallery, you can add galley images by click on Add Image button, a new image box with a button will be created now click on Select Image button, default media uploader of WordPress will be opened, upload an image (800x800 pixels recommended) when image is uploaded add alt text (optional) and click on Add Image button (right bottom), media uploader will be closed and you'll see the image thumbnail in the gallery, Repeat the step to add more images, you can add unlimited number of imgaes for each product, drag and drop image boxes to change display order of images, you can delete an image by click on cross icon (right top) of image box or change an image by clicking on Select Image button.

Product Images

Now click on Videos tab to add videos about your product, click on Add video button, a set of input fields will be added, select a video hosting site from video host select box, now enter video id only (an alpha numeric string), repeat this step to add more videos, drag and drop fields box to change display order of videos.

Product Videos

Now click on Ratings tab, here you can select rating of this product by drag and drop range input handles, You can add / edit / delete rating bars from plugin settings page.

Product Ratings

Click on next tab to add product specification data in attributes input fileds, here you will see pills (navigation) in the left side these are attributes groups, add product data in fileds, (you can add / delete / edit attributes groups from APS Groups management system and you can add attributes from APS Attributes management system.

Product Attributes

Now click on Filters tab to select appropriate filters terms for this product, filters are helpfull for your visitors to search and find products they are looking for, you can add / edit / delete filters and filter terms from APS Filters management system.

Product Filters

Add Affiliate offers for your product, click on Offers tab and add offer by clicking on Add Offer button select a store from ofeer dropdown box (you can add / edit / delete stores from APS Settings page) enter offer title, price and url in appropriate input fields, you can add more offers by reapeat this step, drag and drop offers to change order or click on cross icon (top right) to delete a offer.

Product Offers

You can add custom tabs data by clicking on Tabs tab, use editors to add your content, leave empty if you don't want to show this tab for this product, you can add / edit / delete custom tabs from APS Settings page.

Product Tabs

Now press Publish button to publish this product (post), Congratulations You've successfully added new product post, repeat steps to add more products (posts).

Add New Comparison

Add a new comparison of products is an easy step, simply click on Add New Comparison link, add some contents in content editor, select up to 3 products to compare by using select boxes, upload and set a featured image (800X500px for best results) press publish post button to publish the comparison.

Add Comparison

Import / Export

This is optional if you want to import dummy contents for test and learning propose, navigate to the Wordpress dashboard. Go to APS Import / Export page and select aps-data.json file from Demo Data folder included in download package.

Now select what you want to import from import panel and press Import button, also you can import / export APS products, Categories, Attributes Groups, Rating Bars, Filters and settings by using APS Import / Export features.

Import Demo Content

Sidebar Widgets

Widgets Setup

This is very important to setup your sidebars using proper widgets for better looks and functionality, APS Products - WordPress Plugin has 6 built-in widgets and a sidebars (APS Sidebars) you can setup sidebars to display on different templates (Products index page, brands and search archives, product single page, products comparision page).

Navigate to Appearance > Widgets you'll see APS Sidebars and APS Widgets Drag and Drop each widget to the sidebar, enter a title (leave empty if you don't want to display widget title) change other settings as needed, press save button to save settings, repeat steps to add more widgets to APS Sidebars.

Widgets Setup

Search Widget

APS Search widget is designed to display an ajax powered search bar in the sidebar, you can select how much results you want to display from widget's settings.

Search Widget

New Arrivals Widget

APS New Arrivals widget is designed to display most recent products (posts) in the sidebar, you can change the number of products being display from widget's settings.

New Arrivals Widget

Recent Compares Widget

APS Recent Compares widget is designed to display most recent products comparisons (posts) in the sidebar, you can change the number of comparisons being display from widget's settings.

Recent Compares Widget

Categories Widget

APS Categories widget is created to display a list of product categories with optional number of products you've added, you can enable / disable this functionality from widget's settings.

Categories Widget

Brands Widget

APS Brands widget is created to display a list of products manufacturers with optional number of products you've added, you can enable / disable this functionality from widget's settings.

Brands Widget

Top Rated Widget

APS Top Rated Products widget would be display top rated products (sort by ratings), you can control the output of the widget by changing widget's settings.

Top Rated Widget



[aps_product id="99"]

You can display APS product with full details anywhere on your site by using this shortcode.

  • id: post id of product you wish to display

Products List

[aps_products num="12" order="DESC" type="grid" cat="cat-slug" brand="brand-slug"]

You can display products anywhere on your site by using this shortcode.

  • num: number of products to display (default 12)
  • order: DESC or ASC (default DESC)
  • type: display products in list or grid style (default grid)
  • cat: category slug or comma separated multiple categories slugs to display products from (default all categories)
  • brand: brand slug or comma separated multiple brands slugs to display products from (default all brands)

Product Main Features

[aps_product_features id="product id" style="list"]

Display Product's main features in list or metro style.

  • id: post id of product (required)
  • style: list or metro (default list)

Product Specifications

[aps_product_specs id="product id"]

Display specifications of a product by using this shortcode, only attribute is product's post id

  • id: post id of product (required)


Translate into Your Language

Your APS Products - WordPress Plugin is Ready for Localization, We have made every string translateable with text domain "aps-text", you can translate easily into your language.

You can use Loco Translate WordPress plugin for translate and create .mo, .po files.
If you have plugin installed and activated, you will get a new menu entry which is named "Loco Translate". When you select the menu link, you will get the complete overview about all components of your WordPress installation, that are gettext ready or having already language files on board.

This plugin inspects WordPress itself, all plugins out of plugins folder and also all themes out of theme folder. Only those components will be listed that are really gettext ready and can handle translation files. you can get more information here


APS Action and Filter hooks

This section is only for advanced users who know how to use action and filter hooks, if you can?, you can use filters and actions to modify the output generated by APS plugin.

Below is the list of action and filter hooks i have added in APS so you can modify / add your contents in various sections of template files .etc

Filter Hooks

  • aps_settings_fields filter to modify settings options array
  • get_aps_icons filter to add icons to icons array
  • cpt_aps_products_args modify cpt registeration args
  • register_tax_aps_brands_args modify taxonomy brands registeration args
  • register_tax_aps_cats_args modify taxonomy cats registeration args
  • register_tax_aps_attributes_args modify taxonomy attributes registeration args
  • register_tax_aps_groups_args modify taxonomy groups registeration args
  • register_tax_aps_filters_args modify taxonomy filters registeration args
  • register_tax_aps_rating_bars_args modify taxonomy rating bars registeration args
  • get_aps_sidebars_args register custom sidebars
  • aps_additional_sidebars add additional sidebars (registered by theme or other plugins)
  • aps_catalog_query_args main catalog query args
  • aps_search_archive_query_args search archive query args
  • aps_brand_archive_query_args brand archive query args
  • aps_cat_archive_query_args category archive query args
  • aps_comparisons_query_args comparisons list query args
  • add_aps_css_styles add your CSS styles
  • add_aps_css_styles_rtl add your CSS styles for RTL langs
  • get_aps_store_settings_tabs Add /edit store settings sections as tabs
  • aps_get_currencies add / edit store currencies array
  • aps_get_base_currency Modify store's base currency settings on the fly
  • aps_format_product_price Use this filter to modify price formating of products

Action Hooks

  • Action hooks used in various sections of single product template
    • aps_single_before_title
    • aps_single_after_title
    • aps_single_after_features
    • aps_single_before_overview
    • aps_single_before_content
    • aps_single_after_content
    • aps_single_before_specs
    • aps_single_after_specs
    • aps_single_before_reviews
    • aps_single_after_reviews
    • aps_single_before_videos
    • aps_single_after_videos
    • aps_single_before_gallery
    • aps_single_after_gallery
    • aps_single_before_offers
    • aps_single_after_offers
    • aps_single_before_custom1
    • aps_single_after_custom1
    • aps_single_before_custom2
    • aps_single_after_custom2
    • aps_single_before_custom3
    • aps_single_after_custom3
    • aps_single_before_related
    • aps_single_after_related
  • Action hooks used in single product added by shortcode
    • aps_sc_single_before_title
    • aps_sc_single_after_title
    • aps_sc_single_after_features
    • aps_sc_single_before_overview
    • aps_sc_single_before_content
    • aps_sc_single_after_content
    • aps_sc_single_before_specs
    • aps_sc_single_after_specs
    • aps_sc_single_before_reviews
    • aps_sc_single_after_reviews
    • aps_sc_single_before_videos
    • aps_sc_single_after_videos
    • aps_sc_single_before_gallery
    • aps_sc_single_after_gallery
    • aps_sc_single_before_offers
    • aps_sc_single_after_offers
    • aps_sc_single_before_custom1
    • aps_sc_single_after_custom1
    • aps_sc_single_before_custom2
    • aps_sc_single_after_custom2
    • aps_sc_single_before_custom3
    • aps_sc_single_after_custom3
  • Main catalog action hooks
    • aps_catalog_before_title
    • aps_catalog_after_title
    • aps_catalog_after_controls
    • aps_catalog_after_results
  • Search Archive action hooks
    • aps_search_archive_before_title
    • aps_search_archive_after_title
    • aps_search_archive_after_controls
    • aps_search_archive_after_results
  • Brand Archive action hooks
    • aps_brand_archive_before_title
    • aps_brand_archive_after_title
    • aps_brand_archive_after_controls
    • aps_brand_archive_after_results
  • Category Archive action hooks
    • aps_cat_archive_before_title
    • aps_cat_archive_after_title
    • aps_cat_archive_after_controls
    • aps_cat_archive_after_results
  • Brands List page action hooks
    • aps_brands_list_before_title
    • aps_brands_list_after_title
    • aps_brands_list_after_alphabet
  • Compare page action hooks
    • aps_compare_after_search
    • aps_compare_before_title
    • aps_compare_after_title
    • aps_compare_after_comparison
  • Comparisons List action hooks
    • aps_comparisons_before_title
    • aps_comparisons_after_title
    • aps_comparisons_after_results
  • APS Store settings sections
    • aps_store_location_settings
    • aps_store_currency_settings
    • aps_store_images_settings

How to Use Action Hooks

Usage of action hooks is simple, for example you want to display an advertisement banner after title in single product view, place this code below in your theme's functions.php or create a separate plugin to keep your changes saved when you updates the APS plugin or theme.

<?php // display ad banner after title of single product

function mycustom_ad_banner() {
	// your ad banner contents goes here

add_action('aps_single_after_title', 'mycustom_ad_banner'); ?>

Templates Customization

You can customize the templates without losing the changes after updates, create a folder in your theme directory, name it "aps", create another folder "temps" inside "aps" folder, copy the template (from "temps" directory of plugin) you want to customize into newly created folder "temps" in your theme.

Open the copied file in a code editor of your choice, modify the template, if you need to modify files located in "parts" directory of plugin, you have to create another folder inside "temps" folder (in your theme), name it "parts" copy the files and modify as needed.

We are using a function "aps_load_template_part" to include template parts in templates, you have to supply appropriate parameters to the function or you may include template parts by using "include" function.

The arguments of "aps_load_template_part" function is as follow.

aps_load_template_part($slug, $dir, $prams, $once);
  • $slug (string) the file name with complete path without .php file extension
  • $dir (string) the diectory name in our case is "aps"
  • $prams (array) an associated array of values used in part file
  • $once (boolean) default false, can be true if you want to include the part only once.

For example we want to customize the main features of product in single product template, we have to copy aps-single.php template in temps folder of your theme, then copy the "aps-single-features.php" file in "parts" (folder created in your theme) open the "aps-single-features.php" file in a code editor make your changes and save it,
now open "aps-single.php" file from your theme find the features section and change the parameter of "aps_load_template_part" as follow.

aps_load_template_part('temps/parts/aps-single-features', 'aps', $features_params);


How to update my website using latest version of APS plugin ?
Please download latest version of APS Arena Products Store – WordPress plugin from by using your envato account, unzip downloaded .zip file on your desktop.
It’s good to make a backup of your database.
Now logged-in to your WP dashboard, navigate to Plugins, find APS Arena Products in plugins list, click on deactivate then click on delete after deactivating the plugin.
Now click on Add New button, then click on Upload Plugin button, a file browser should be opened, navigate to your desktop > aps-products-wp folder and select, after uploading activate the plugin.
You are done, enjoy latest features of APS Products.

I am seeing Access denied error while trying to access APS Products in admin after updating ?
You have to deactivate APS plugin and then re-activate the plugin to fix user permissions errors.

Error 404 – Not Found ?
Make sure you have setup all required pages uniquely from APS Settings > General
Make sure there is no conflict between permalinks slugs for pages and APS slugs, check from APS Settings > Permalinks
You need to flush your permalinks settings to solve the problem, simply go to Settings > Permalinks and click on save settings button from your wp-admin dashboard.

I have an existing theme for my website. Can I add this plugin as new feature to my website ?
Yes, you can use Arena Products Store – WordPress plugin to display products database (specs, images, reviews), comparisons and affiliate offers from online web stores like amazon on your website.

is it possible to create compare pages between the Products ?
Yes you can create unlimited custom comparisons within a few clicks.

Is Arena Products Store compatible with all themes ?
Arena Products Store - WordPress Plugin is compatible with most standard WordPress themes, we recommend to use theme's built on bootstrap 3+ framework, but you may need to change a few CSS styles to match the layout and color schemes.

Is it possible to add my custom tabs next to the "specs" tab ?
Yes you can add new custom tabs, delete / manage / re-order tabs in tabs management system by using drag and drop functionality.

Does it support other languages ?
Yes, it’s ready to localize in your language, every string used in plugin is translate-able.

Is APS Products data saved in a special database table ?
No, APS using WordPress's default posts and post meta table to save products data.

Is Arena Products Store compatible with Jet Pack WordPress plugin ?
Unfortunatily Arena Products Store is not completely compatible with Jet Pack

Attributes and Groups are not displaying in product specs ?
You have to select attributes groups by editing relevant Category.


Version 2.5.3 (02 August 2017)

  • Review posting issue solved
  • Compare icon problem fixed in single product
  • Videos playback issue in lightbox solved
  • Lightbox javascript updated
  • All reported and known issues are fixed

Version 2.5.2 (15 July 2017)

  • Comparsion support unlimited number of products
  • Comparisons now support categories
  • Comparison and specs table layout enhancements
  • Re-build user's comparisons list panel
  • 70+ new icons added
  • RTL layout enhancements for gallery carousel
  • A number of small changes in all templates
  • All reported and known issues are fixed

Version 2.5.1 (12 February 2017)

  • Small reported and known issues are fixed

Version 2.5 (02 February 2017)

  • Product pricing management system added
  • Store settings, store location, currency settings added
  • Product Image sizes settings added
  • Product image zooming script replaced with new script (support touch devices)
  • Product gallery improvements (thumbnail carousel added)
  • Improved product data tabs (support url hash)
  • Custom comparison urls improvements (shareable comparision links)
  • Categories widget added to display categories list in sidebar
  • Breadcrumbs added (enable / disable from settings)
  • Rating bars animation control (enable / disable from settings)
  • Improvements in Attributes Groups layout
  • Product microdata support added for better SEO indexing
  • Enhanced import / export functionality
  • Small design / layout / transitions changes
  • and a number of small changes and performance improvements

Version 2.4.1 (23 April 2016)

  • Solved reported php warnings

Version 2.4 (21 April 2016)

  • Redesigned Settings Control Panel
  • Improved Product Filters
  • Moved Product Main Features under Categories
  • Improved plugin navigation using Tabs like menu
  • Replaced jvascript range input with native customized range input
  • Full RTL languages support added
  • Resolved WordPress v4.5 compatibility issues
  • Number of small changes, improvements and fixes

Version 2.3 (15 March 2016)

  • Added Sidebar management system
  • Improved Comparison publishing
  • Added filter hooks (for queries and settings)
  • Added action hooks in templates
  • Few miner changes and improvements
  • Fixed all errors and bugs

Version 2.2 (20 November 2015)

  • Fixed minor bugs reported by users

Version 2.1 (15 November 2015)

  • Fixed tabs settings Problem
  • Improved refine search filters

Version 2.0 (10 November 2015)

  • Redesigned plugin for multiple products type support
  • Added Product categories taxonomy
  • Added Attributes groups taxonomy
  • Added Rating Bars taxonomy
  • Added JSON data import / export feature
  • Added support for product based main features
  • Added brands list page
  • Added brands logo image support
  • Added product categories banner image support
  • Added category based groups, rating bars and filters support
  • Added 200+ new font face icons
  • CSS Styles enhancements and other small changes

Version 1.4 (22 April 2015)

  • Fixed Localization Problems
  • Added Comparison List Overlay Animated Sidebar
  • Added Main Features List Style
  • Fixed some CSS styling issues
  • Fixed all bugs, reported by users

Version 1.3 (23 March 2015)

  • Fixed attributes name spaces issue for some languages
  • Fixed Rating Bras name spaces issue
  • Added Main Features flipping effects switch
  • Fixed some CSS styling issues
  • Fixed all bugs, reported by users

Version 1.2 (4 January 2015)

  • Added Attributes Groups management system
  • Added Product Attributes management system
  • Added Product Filters management system
  • Added Affiliate Stores management system
  • Added Product Videos management system
  • Added Shortcodes
  • Added RTL langages support

Thank You

Once again, thank you so much for purchasing APS Products Store - WordPress Plugin. As I said at the beginning, I'd be glad to help you if you have any questions relating to this plugin. No guarantees, but I'll do my best to assist. If you have a more general question relating to the plugin on CodeCanyon, you might consider visiting the forums and asking your question in the "Item Support" section. or please feel free to email me via my user page contact form here.

Shahzad Anjum